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Atmospheric ScienceAerosols and the Earth's Climate Video Dr. S.K. Satheesh IISc Bangalore Syllabus only
Atmospheric ScienceAtmospheric Thermodynamics & Cloud Physics Video Prof. G.S. Bhat IISc Bangalore Syllabus only
Atmospheric ScienceIntroduction to Atmospheric Science Video Prof. C. Balaji IIT Madras Syllabus Course contents  
Atmospheric SciencePhysics of Atmosphere and Ocean Web Dr. Om P Sharma IIT Delhi Syllabus Course contents    
Atmospheric ScienceRadiation Heat Transfer Video Prof. J. Srinivasan IISc Bangalore Syllabus Course contents    
Atmospheric ScienceStatistical Methods in Climate Science Video Dr. V. Venugopal IISc Bangalore Syllabus only
Atmospheric ScienceThe monsoon and its variability Video Sulochana Gadgil IISc Bangalore Syllabus Course contents  

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